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  • Home – This page provides you a glimpse of the website. You can view the available subjects and courses, along with the sample product demonstration.
  • About Us – Get a brief of the Company, and our Mission and Vision.
  • Boards – We cover the content of 31 Boards of India, including CBSE, ICSE and State Boards. The content is covered in two languages, English and Hindi, and is available in the form of animations, videos, ppts and pdfs. The website also exhibits NCERT solutions in the form of visuals & animations in a user-friendly manner.
  • Previous Years’ Solved Papers Access CBSE Previous Years’ Solutions here.
  • Frequently Asked Doubts –  Check the section Frequently Asked Doubts (FAD) to access our doubts library.
  • Parent Login – Parents can log into the portal and access a detailed report about the student's login period, chapters visited and marks scored.
  • Formula Book – Access specially compiled lists of topic-wise formulae for easy reference and revision.
  • Glossary – A glossary of important terms in English,Hindi and Punjabi is available for student reference.
  • Symbols – An exhaustive list of mathematical symbols used in different mathematical concepts is available, along with their meanings.
  • FAQ Section – Commonly asked questions on the products, subscription packages, payment modes, device specifications and other details have been listed out in this section.
  • Contact Us – We are always here to help. Reach out to us at info@unfoldu.com for any further assistance. 
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 Drawing Board Tools (Coming Soon)

  • Drawing Board Area – This is your personalised digital note pad consisting of convenient tools.
  • Square Figure – Lets you draw a four-sided flat shape.
  • Line – Use this option to draw a segment.
  • Circle – Enables you to draw a round figure.
  • Save – Save the data and drawings.
  • Cross Symbol – Deletes the content selected by you.
  • Image – Click and upload any snapshot to the drawing board.
  • Maths Symbols – Frequently used notations and their meanings.
  • Pencil – Write or draw any graphic on the note pad.
  • Type Text – Select the letter 'T', type your script in the box on top. Your script will appear on the notepad when you press 'Enter’.
  • Colour – A colour palette for your selection.
  • Size Option – Minimise or maximise the size of the content.
  • Eraser – Erases the desired content.