Previous Year Question Papers Chemistry

CBSE solved question paper for class 12 Chemistry  for the last 10 years from (2011-2020) has been made available on our website for students without any cost. You can study the complete solved question paper along with the reasoning, marking scheme, and detailed solution.

With these CBSE solved question paper for class 12 Chemistry   exams, a student will get a proper understanding about the latest examination patterns, the difficulty level in each section and the level of question that is and will be followed in the exams. Just with a little attention and detailed understanding of the subject, you can earn good marks in the exam.In the CBSE question paper class 12, it is compulsory to attempt all questions.

The question paper is divided into 4 sections: - Section A, B, C & D. In some years, it was seen that the question paper was divided into only 3 sections:- A,B,C. Students must go through and try to attempt these CBSE solved question paper class 12 Chemistry  for the previous years so that they are familiar with the exam room tensions.

It is a matter of managing those precious minutes in a smart way. Practicing the question papers you will learn the time management that needs to be dedicated to each section, the manner in which the question is to be attempted and also how to finish it within time. Most students lose track of time during exams and are therefore not able to finish the exam on time.

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