Media UnfoldU Undergoes Coin Split Ahead of Its IEO

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UnfoldU Group, the leading school online education company focused on India has undergone a coin forward split ahead of its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on the leading crypto exchanges. The company today announced that the management and the coin holders have approved the coin split and the same is put into immediate effect. The split happened in the ratio of 10 coins for every 1 held. The forward split has reduced the price of the coin by 90% without impacting the invested value or the market cap of the business. The management believes that the forward split will help retail coin holders to benefit, also the trading liquidity will increase due to the enhanced affordability of the coin. UnfoldU (UNFLD) was trading at a price of US $3.44 (post-split) at the time of writing of this article. UnfoldU is targeting a larger coin holder base to enhance liquidity. UnfoldU Group has also confirmed that the company has started the process of IEO and is currently in talks with the sponsor to finance the costs related to the marketing and roadshows involved in the IEO. The company is targeting to raise the US $5-10 million to finance the expansion and the marketing costs related to the product and service.