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Unfoldu Group Inc., the leading school based online education company has initiated a bunch of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities where it will support the India based states of Punjab and Haryana schools for their quantum leap into the digital education. The company is committed to develop an advanced technological platform without the active involvement of the Indian government.

“We are committed to serve our country. Under the leadership of Narendra Modi, India is bound to adopt technology. India has moved towards cashless economy, the data is cheaper and the smartphones are readily available. The timing of our product is brilliant, the change is happening. The younger generation irrespective of their financial status is adopting technology, as of now the demand for video based content is high and the people have began to realize that internet other than the source of entertainment can be a great source of learning,” said Harish Bajaj, Founder of Unfoldu Group Inc.

Unfoldu Group Inc. has plans to deploy US $100 million or Rs 650 crore which will be financed through its equity placements and other internal accruals. The partner schools which will participate in the CSR activities will receive equity shares of the company which will vest after a minimum of two years and can be sold afterwards. The students will also be rewarded through digital coins in the future which hints that the company is actively pursuing the adoption of blockchain technology.

The school trusts can use the proceeds for developing IT infrastructure and other infrastructure required for deploying high quality digital content delivery.

“The students of the partner schools will receive additional discounts on the fee. The purpose of our CSR activities is to make people aware of the online education and to demonstrate how engaging it can be. The parents through our CSR activities can realize that online education compliments the offline education and is very economical, it is something which develops an interest among a student. The online education will also be rewarding to our partner schools which will receive our equity shares in lieu of their active participation,” said Neeru Arora, Director of India operations.

Unfoldu Group Inc. which was recently listed on the OTC Pre Markets has shown phenomenal demand for its shares. Unfoldu Group is a commanding a valuation of US $1.99 billion or Rs 13,134 crore as of October 31, 2017.

Recently, Unfold Group has added content of all primary and senior classes (from first to twelfth standard). The investors are confident that the next digital education revolution will happen in the school education domain and is actively looking to invest in the related businesses. Overall, on a global basis, the education market has crossed US $5 trillion mark and is one of the biggest industries.

UnfoldU Group Inc. is an OTC Pre-market listed company in USA operating in the field of education industry. The parent company is based in USA while the subsidiary offices are based in Canada and India.

The aim of establishing the company was to provide tuition replacement to students at nominal costs. Our motto is to facilitate well researched study material to students at their doorstep so that they have a clear understanding of all the principles and basic concepts; and they do not need to go to expensive tuition and coaching centers for help.

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