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Harish Kumar Bajaj is the founder and chairman of UnfoldU Online Solutions, which is an E-Learning organization engaged in the creation and distribution of online education materials to spread the halos of knowledge to every doorstep. Being a business tycoon from the last 27 years, he founded the UnfoldU E-Learning app to address the pressing needs of quality education for every student in every nook and corner of India.

Early Years

Harish Kumar Bajaj was born at Shri GangaNagar, Rajasthan on 18 July 1965. His father Shri Ram Chandar Bajaj was a teacher by profession and a selfless human being who believed that everyone should have equal access to education. For his exceptional work in the field of education he was awarded President Award in 2001 by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development and the then Vice President Shri Krishan kant.


Harish Kumar Bajaj has more than 27 years of business experience and a proven track record in management and business development. He began his career as an R&D Engineer in India and Japan, further moving on to important profiles with big business giants as – with Global Guardian Inc.as the Marketing Director; Excel Telecommunication Inc., Canada, as the Executive Director and with Bajaj Tax & Financial Secrets Inc., Canada,as their President. His business acumen and knowledge is not restricted to just a few sectors. He has also been an officer and director for several retail businesses in India and real estate investment & oil and gas exploration businesses in the U.S. It was for the entrepreneurial spirit that led him to manage business in a variety of industries including finance, customer service, communication, information technology, real estate, oil & gas exploration, and online education. To fulfill his father’s vision of equal access to education for all, Mr. Harish Bajaj founded the UnfoldU Online solutions private Limited in 2014. A perfect amalgamation of grit and determination, he believed in his dreams and he lived it. Mr. Bajaj is also an esteemed member of the organization. He has also been mentoring management executives with his skills in corporate planning.

Harish Kumar Bajaj

Awards and Recognitions

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Having been awarded time and again because of our extra-ordinary contribution, we proved that the proved that the world class educational services can be availed in the most economical manner and riding on the trust of all schools, teachers and parents which have associated with us. We are proposing a digital incentivized school based studying platform as a new tool to simplify education and make it affordable and always accessibe.